Love it or hate it, today is Valentine’s Day. In the business world, we thought we’d celebrate organizations that we rather fancy. We’ve included all types of businesses for all different reasons because Valentine’s Day, we feel, should celebrate all types of love.

So which organizations do we love to love?


Crushed on by Major Tom

From the client work they showcase to their culture of innovation to their non-for-profit partnerships, Huge is an agency we wholeheartedly admire. The fact that they have an AI-infused café and run the widely popular online magazine Magenta is enough to make us weak at the knees.

Starbucks UK

Starbucks with the words Every Name's a story
Crushed on by Natalie, Accounts Payable

Featuring prominently in transgender circles, Starbucks offers one of the best transgender healthcare packages for their employees. They also help trans people in little ways, especially those just starting out. The stories of mangled names on coffee cups may be amusing, but for many, the Starbucks barista is the first person to call a trans person by their chosen name. Starbucks UK launched the #WhatsYourName ad campaign in February (coinciding with LGBTQ+ History Month in the UK), shining a light on this.  In addition to the campaign, they are also raising money for Mermaids (an organization that supports trans youth) through the sale of mermaid cookies. This is beyond just rainbow capitalism and we love them for it.


Crushed on by Alfredo, Senior Back-End Developer, and Ivy, Senior Media Strategist.

This online education company is helping creatives improve the way they do business. They have helped people around the world make more money and improve their lives.

We’re especially crushing on the CEO and Founder of TheFutur, Chris Do. Wanting to inspire as many creatives as possible, he offers tons of free material on their YouTube channel for people that can’t afford their services yet. Once they can, there are paid courses available that specialize in different aspects of business such as making proposals, dealing with clients, branding, and so on.

Immersive Garden

Immersive garden website
Crushed on by Victoria, Marketing and Brand Coordinator.

When it comes to creating immersive experiences, this French web development agency knows what’s up. With over 40 Awwwards under their belt, Immersive Garden knows how to combine innovation in design and technology to deliver powerful digital experiences to their clients’ users. Enjoy a taste of their work.


Crushed on by Miles, President, and Jason, Group Lead of Social Media.

People often consider creatives as people who only work on branding, or graphic design. However, 123w is constantly taking design thinking and applying it to business problems to produce amazing results. They are true creative problem solvers.

Oh, and the new Tim Hortons cup lids? That was all them.


Crushed on by April, Group Director of Account Services, NYC

Great marketing and sustainable clothing are what gets us love-drunk on Reformation. Their beautifully-manicured social media profiles and newsletters people actually enjoy receiving are not the only reasons we applaud their marketing. It’s their well-executed cause marketing. They market themselves as a very compassionate company that cares for the environment. They also do such a great job of convincing customers that buying from them has a positive impact on the environment that shopping has never felt so good!

“Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2”

– Reformation’s core value

Green Chameleon and Nightingale

Crushed on by Chris, Founding Partner and Syd, Group Director of Web Development

This is a love story with a twist. It was love at first sight when we came across Nightingale’s website. The website is incredibly slick and its beauty is not just surface deep – the content is also fantastic. However, the website isn’t built by Nightingale but by another European agency, Green Chameleon. Looking deeper into both agencies, we felt that they resonated well with us. They know how to create powerful digital experiences, understand the rewards of pushing boundaries and bring a fresh perspective to challenges brought to them. Please don’t make us choose between them.