This Saturday, we’re attending WordCamp Vancouver 2018, a conference run by the local WordPress community.

However, this year we’re not just attendees.

Two members of our passionate Development team have been heavily involved in the event and so we can’t wait for it to kick off!


Alfredo Rodriguez has long been an active member of the WordPress community. As a passionate WordPress developer, he regularly attends WordPress Meetups in order to meet other likeminded individuals to share and learn more about all things WordPress. His involvement eventually led him to organize and host the Meetup at Major Tom’s headquarter for the first time in August.

WordPress MeetUp at Major Tom's office

With the Meetup a success, he jumped at the chance to help organize this year’s Vancouver WordCamp and became part of the design team, volunteering his time to build the WordCamp website and organize badges and swag.


With Alfredo heavily promoting the conference within the developer community as well as internally, Sydney Hake became interested in becoming a speaker at the event and submitted her talk to the organizers.

Speakers were chosen based on their talk topic and previous experience. With her talk, “Design and Development Collaboration for WordPress (and beyond)”, gaining a lot of interest, she was successfully chosen as one of the speakers.

Her talk focuses on the importance of team collaboration in projects. Relating this to the process of building a WordPress website, she will highlight the benefits to both the project and the team when team collaboration is done successfully and provide takeaway on how to maintain a collaborative workflow.

Team collaboration is something Sydney heavily advocates for within Major Tom’s Development team. Being the Group Director of Web Development, she has built and maintained a great team environment over the years at Major Tom.


The Speakers Dinner is held for the WordCamp speakers and organizers the night before the conference. A venue was needed to host the dinner and Alfredo once again volunteered his time to help organize it.

Having hosted the WordPress Meetup at our office where attendees enjoyed pizza and beer while mingling, he thought it would be a great idea to repeat this. Suggesting to have the dinner at our Headquarters in Vancouver, people would be able to move around and mingle with everyone compared to just the people immediately around them during a sit-down dinner.

This idea to have a more sociable meal was well received and so, we look forward to meeting all the speakers and organizers while we host the WordCamp Speakers Dinner!